International Triathlon Union signs agreement with FISU


The International Triathlon Union (ITU) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the International University Sports Federations (FISU) to encourage the development of the practice of sport by all university students.

“The aim of this agreement is to continue growing our sport together,” said Marisol Casado, President of ITU and IOC member. “We are constantly focusing on the development of triathlon, which includes identifying new and young talent across the world, so FISU is an ideal partner for that goal.”
This year, the 13th World University Triathlon Championship will be organized from 5 – 7 August 2016 in Nyon, Switzerland. For the Championships, the National University Sport Federations will select a maximum of six athletes per country and per gender.

The Nyon Triathlon, which started in 1989 with 254 participants, is now the biggest triathlon in Switzerland with the record of more than 2,200 athletes. The World University Triathlon Championships will be held alongside this age group race, bringing together various levels of triathlon.

In agreement with the contract, FISU and ITU will work together to organize multiple seminars and training for coaches, managers and technical officials, and ITU will give support to the organizing commissions in operational and technical aspects of the competitions.

As a result of the agreement, both organizations will encourage the development of the practice of triathlon by all university students, especially among women, and set up joint educational initiatives to protect sport against the dangers of doping and violence. FISU and ITU will also promote sustainability, fair-play and integrity and join all together the fight against all forms of racism in sport.

Continuing with the promotion and development of triathlon worldwide, FISU suggests that university competitions can be used by ITU as a development platform for experimenting with new rules and testing new equipment.